Pool of Death: Rugby World Cup 2015 Pool A Recap

deathWith just two games remaining in Pool A, it is predetermined that both Wales and Australia will advance.
In Pool A’s final match, England has nothing left to play for but pride, as the host will miss out on the quarter-finals after loses to both Wales and Australia.  Dispite being drawn into such a tough pool, the disappointment among the host nation far outstrips any other let downs at this World Cup.  Uruguay are destined to finish win less in this world cup, without any real hope of beating England.  With the outcome assumed, Uruguay will no doubt play a passionate game, with even a single try being scored on the host nation a reason for unbridled celebration.

England is the tier 1 nation victim of the Pool of Death. English Rugby has many distinctions. They are the only northern hemisphere team to win a world cup(2003) and the only northern hemisphere team to ever be ranked #1 in World Rugby Rankings. Unfortunately this year, they will also be the only host nation ever miss out on the quarter finals.  England will look to play a comprehensive game versus Uruguay to carry them home. 

Welsh_Rugby_Union_6b6f7_450x450Fiji has finished their world cup with just one win, however they were always entertaining. The sole win over shadows that this tier 2 nation  had merely one more try scored against, than for. Perhaps there most entertaining rugby was the 2nd half versus Wales, were while desperate to score resorted to the most open and daring style of Fijian rugby.

The Penultimate Pool A game has huge implications; Australia versus Wales. The loser of this game likely has to face a surging South Africa side while the winner is likely to face a more palatable Scotland, or perhaps even Japanese team. This October 10th kick off  between the World Ranked 2 & 3 teams is a must see.


1 3 3 0 0 126 29 +97 17 2 1 13
2 3 3 0 0 105 47 +58 11 2 1 13
3 3 1 0 2 73 72 +1 6 5 2 6
4 4 1 0 3 84 101 -17 10 11 1 5
5 3 0 0 3 27 166 -139 2 26 0 0

Today Games:

  • South Africa vs. United States

    Today at 12:30 PM Atlantic time on  TSN4

  • Namibia vs. Georgia

    Today at 3:45PM Atlantic Time on TSN1 and TSN5

South Africa looking to fire on all cylinders and the Americans try to deal with a motivated South African team. Namibia looks for their first win.

Check back tomorrow at 10 am for a Pool B Recap and a look a head to the remaining round robin games.

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