Saint John 7s

While the senior men were defeated by the Trojans in the semi finals, the women took first in the Saint John 7s tournament yesterday at Millidgeville North School.

From Left to Right: Back: Meghan Trenholm, Katie Robertson, Melanie Hughes, Breanna Richard, Hannah Davies, Bethany Toczko, Michelle Kidd. Front: Marrissa Arsenault, Chantel Comeau, Lisa Cormier, Baujke Van der Heide. Missing: Katuscya Gauvin and Maddy.

In the first game of the tournament, the Moncton women were caught on their heels, losing to the Trojans’ women. They later went on to defeat the Saint John Irish, Woodstock and then the Loyalists in a sudden death overtime. It was veteran player Lisa Cormier, who in theĀ last minutes of the final game versus the Trojans, pounded the ball in for a try to give the Moncton Black Tide Women a 5-0 win.

Both the Men’s and Women’s teams will travel to Halifax next Saturday to play at the Halifax RFC Atlantic Sevens.

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