Games at Eastern Canadians Today July 11th in Charlottetown PEI

July 11th 2014

(at Colonel Gray Field)

9 a.m., P.E.I. vs N.L., U-16 male    

10 a.m., P.E.I. vs. N.L., U-18 male

11 a.m., N.S. vs. N.B., U-18 male

Noon, N.B. vs. N.L., U-16 male

1 p.m., P.E.I. vs. N.L., senior women

2 p.m., P.E.I. vs. N.B., U-18 male

3 p.m., P.E.I. vs. N.B., U-18 female

4 p.m., N.S. vs. Eastern Ontario, U-18 female

5 p.m., N.L. vs. N.S., senior women

(at Simmons Field)

9 a.m., P.E.I. vs. N.S., U-20 female

10 a.m., N.S. vs. Quebec, U-18 women

11 a.m., Eastern Ontario vs. N.B.,     U-18 female

Noon, N.S. vs. N.L., U-20 female

1 p.m., N.S. vs. N.B., senior women

2 p.m., N.L. vs. N.S., U-18 male

3 p.m., P.E.I. vs. N.L., U-20 female

4 p.m., P.E.I. vs.  N.B., senior women

5 p.m., N.B. vs. P.E.I., U-16 male

6 p.m., Quebec vs. P.E.I., U-18 women

Good Luck to those representing Moncton and New Brunswick

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