High School Girls AAA Playoff Preview and Standings Break Down.

There are only 2 play-off spots available for teams in the North East AAA Girls Division. We are entering the last week of the regular season and 4 teams still have a shot at a spot. There is a high possibility that 2 different 3 way ties can occur.


The two teams on the outside are École Mathieu-Martin and Miramichi Valley High School.  Both of these teams have 2 games remaining.  One on Monday against each other and another on the 28th.  These two teams have been improving throughout the season and will have the chance to play spoiler on the 28th in nearly every circumstance.  The four team race is between Moncton High School(4-0), Riverview High School(2-1), École L’Odyssée(3-1) and defending champs Bernice MacNaughton High School(1-2).


For reference the NBIAA tie Breaker regulation will be posted at the bottom of this post.

This Monday we have MHS vs ODC and BMHS vs RHS.

As we move forward here we are working under the premise that BMHS and RHS will win their games on the 28th.  If not, nearly all goes out the window.


With that in mind we have 4 possible outcomes for Mondays game.

1. If MHS defeat ODC and RHS defeat BMHS, then MHS and RHS advance to the playoffs.

2. If MHS Defeat ODC and BMHS defeat RHS, then we have a 3 way tie between ODC, RHS and BMHS.  In this scenario MHS advance as the first seed.  The 3 way tie first tie breaker is head to head which is nullified due to each team having a  1-1 record versus each other.  The second tie break criteria is plus/minus.  In this scenario the games on the 28th will have a huge impact on the awarding of the second playoff spot.  Both BMHS and RHS have 2 games to play this week, so it is much too early to project the final +/-.  This maybe the most dramatic outcome possible.

3. If ODC defeat MHS and BMHS defeat RHS, then we have ODC and MHS in a tie break situation with 1 loss each.  The first tie break in a 2 team tie is head to head, meaning ODC would be first place and MHS would be second place.  In this scenario the game on the 28th become irrelevant. This is the least dramatic outcome.

4. If ODC defeat MHS and RHS defeat BMHS,  then we have our other 3 way tie between MHS, RHS and ODC for first place. Again the head to heads are all 1-1 and nullified.  The +/- isn’t finalized, but MHS are in a strong position. It is important to know that in this case only 1st place would be awarded based on +/-.  Once the 1st place team is identified, the remaining two teams are then in a “two team tie-break” which will revert to the head to head.  IF MHS are first, RHS also advances.  If RHS are 1st, ODC advances, If ODC are first MHS advance. Simple right.  Even in this scenario, we will have to wait and see the result of the RHS game on the 28th to award 1st place.


Needless to say, the games coming up on Monday will make or break all 4 teams.  The only team for certain to have a  play-off spot is MHS, but home field could be lost to ODC in scenario 3.

RHS @ BMHS 5 PM at Field 3 of the CN Sportplex
MHS @ Odysee 5:30 PM @ ODC School FIelds.


Below is the NBIAA O.R. 19:

OPERATING REGULATIONS O.R. 19 – TIE BREAKING POLICY (Where league play is used in conference and interlocking regional competition, the order of rankings will be decided with this tie breaking policy. Regional and Provincial Tournaments will use the rules of the PSO of the sport involved.) Part A If two teams are tied: a) the record between the two teams b) points (goals) against between the two teams c) points (goals) against in the league d) sudden death game – neutral site Part B If three or more teams are tied: a) record among the teams tied b) (+) (-) game differential involving tied teams c) (+) (-) point differential involving tied teams d) points against among the teams tied e) points against in the league f) points for in the league For reference in using tie breaking policy please keep in mind: 1. When using any of the above criteria to break a three-way tie the intent is to determine the highest not the lowest place finisher. e.g.: If three teams are tied in standings and are also tied in their record against each other and the point differential is as follows: A (+3) B (-2) C (-1) Teams are no longer tied therefore standings would be A- 1st, C-2nd, B-3rd. For the same situation with a point differential of A (+4), B (-2), C (-2). A would be 1st. We now have a two way tie between B and C for 2nd so we would revert to using criteria for a two way tie. (Record between tied teams). For the same situation with a point differential of A (+2), B(+2), C (-2) we have a two-way tie for 1st so we revert to criteria for a two way tie for determining 1st and 2nd, C would be 3rd.


Good Luck to all the girls and all the teams this week. Thanks to Donald Robichaud for all the great pictures.  For more great picture please check out donrob.smugmug.com

Check Back at 6pm on Sunday for a preview of the AAA North East Boys Play-off picture.

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