Trimble Get Back On Track, MVHS tough at home.

May 3rd had two High School Boys games with Trimble(HTHS) hosting Belleisle(BRHS) and Riverview(RHS visiting Miramichi(MVHS).

BRHS (5) @ HTHS (43)

Trimble were eager to get going and had some especially eager beavers(Wojick and a  couple others) dressed and on the field 90 mins before kick off. Looking to bounce back and take care of business at homeHTHS 2016 they would have to contend with Belleisle, led by Cameron Pope, fresh off his return from the Canada U17 camp in March.

Trimble were firing on all cylinders and did well containing the young Belleisle side, however they were unable to keep Pope out of the end zone, who picked up the sole 5 pointer for the visitors.

Back row pairing of Guimond and Fall picked up a try each.  Additionally scrum half Furze and Inside centre Htoo also had solo efforts. Fly Half Hammer picked up a pair of his own. A very impressive kicking day for Hasgul converting 5/6 kicks and adding a penalty to bring his total on the day to 13 points.

Trimble will look to keep the good times rolling and hope to defend home field again Friday when from across the causeway RHS will certainly be eager to bring on a tough game.

RHS (8) @ MVHS (34)

The rough day for visitors continued in Miramichi. MVHS remain unbeaten and have been poised and in control during all encounters at home this season. With the confidence they have built so far, it would be expected that they will likely run the table on the regular season and host as the first seed.

Some bright spots for RHS include the try by Alain and the conversion by Carrier. Coaches were pleased with the forward play of Power and RHS Water.jpgNorman, especially with ball in hand. A lot of tackles made by Baker, Chamerlain and Lean ensured the game was a tough affair.

This result is very reminiscent of the RHS visit and loss this time last year in Miramichi. RHS were able to improve and knock off MVHS in the rematch in the play-offs and will be focused on their Friday game in Moncton vs HTHS.

Riverview at Trimble on Friday May 6th is a can’t miss game. Mark it on your calender, send yourself a  reminder, camp out at the field, whatever you gotta do, get there.


No games on tap today, but check back later for a week 1 recap and preview tomorrows games.

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