Harrison Trimble Girls Get The Win

The 2nd annual J.M.A. Armstrong High School spring rugby tournament kicked off last night.

HTHS Girls 2016

HTHS After The Opening Win

Game started out with JMA coming out strong and Sara B scoring on a turn over in the first 3 mins of the game. Once HTHS refocused and started to play their game, they were able to spend much of the rest of the game in JMA’s end. In the second half HTHS inside centre Morgan Porter scored after slipping through the backs to tie it up. Next, scrum half Maddie MacDonald, after stealing a loose ball, scored to pull ahead. On the final play of the game, with a pick from the back of a ruck, flanker Jordyn Thebeau scored in the corner to make the final 15- 5. JMA held tough with hard tackling in the forwards to hold HTHS off the board until approximately 3/4 of the game. JMA’s pack were strong in the scrums and good form in the line outs.

JMA 2016

Hosts JMA 2016

Below is the full JMA Tourney Schedule:

GIRLS School
Team 1
Team 2 Harrison Trimble
Team 3 BMHS
Team 4 Tantramar
Team 5 Moncton High
Team 6 JMA Armstrong

BOYS School
Team A L”Odyssée
Team B JMA Armstrong

Thursday 5th Time Home Away
Game 1 –G- 1:45pm Team 6 Team 2

Friday 6th Time Home Away
Game 2 – G- 4:00pm Team 3 Team 4

Saturday 7th Time Home Away
Game 3 –G – 9:00am Team 4 Team 6
Game 4 – G – 10:00am Team 2 Team 5
Game 1 – B – 11:00am Team A Team B
Game 5–G- 12:00pm Team 6 Team 3
Game 2 – B- 1:00pm Team B Team A
Game 6–G- 2:00pm Team 5 Team 4
Game 7–G- 3:00pm Team 3 Team 2


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