Highlanders Battle Knights In A Bone Crusher

All photographs in this post are courtesy of the talented Mr.Robichaud. Ensure you visit his site at https://donrob.smugmug.com/ for more great shots.

Thank you for your generosity in sharing these images.


Literally, A Jaw Dropping Game

This was an amazing game. BMHS had to make some telling adjustments to deal with some minor injuries and the biggest of those changes resulted in power house centre Boyce being moved to full back. As a result, Boyce was kept off the score board, but was still delivery huge tackles around the field.

As a result even more of the defensive workload would fall to Lund at 10, who did well with the task.


Lund Tackling An Airbourne Pharuns

BMHS required many players to stand out to keep pace in this one. Atkins was a pleasant surprise and rose to the occasion.


Atkins With An Important Late Score

The Atkins try seemed to be the emotional boost BMHS needed.


Best Feeling In the World


Cullinan Running Downhill

BMHS scored late in the first half and Jensen converted both 1st half tries. For MHS LeBlance converted 2/3 of the MHS tries. The half time score was 19-14.


Late 1st Half Try for Sauter. One of two tries on the day.

The second half saw MHS increase their lead by 2 points sue to a converted try vs a BMHS unconverted try. The score was 29-22 for MHS and BMHS seemed to have an emotional charge about them. With only 10 minutes left, BMHS looked to have more left in the tank.

After watching MHS only score once in the 2nd half versus ODC recently, it might have been fair to think this could be a finger bitter.


Lapierre Puts Down The Back Breaking Try/Friendly Fire

With good support of Hassen(who quietly scored 2 tries in this one) Lapierre made it to the corner. With Cullinan in pursuit and Boyce on an intercept course, it was teammates who came out the worse for wear. Cullinan would suffer a hard smack on the arm. Boyce would be reminded to attempt a wrap in the tackle, as the shoulder charge is foul play.


Lund On One of Many Line Breaks


The LaPierre try made the score 34-22 and seemed to end the game.  MHS would score another try, this time a very long run from prop A. Jones, which was converted.

The score sheet lists try scores as follows:

MHS: Paterson, LaPierre, A.Jones(2), Hassan(2). Missing from the score sheet is a try, which if Memory serves was a 2nd half try by Pharuns that was scored under the posts.

BMHS: Lund, Atkins & Sauter(13).


Clowater Played A Blinder.

Great efforts of some players kept off the score sheet would be headed up by BMHS flanker Clowater. A gutsy effort worth watching. Great in the tackle and dangerous with ball in hand.

BMHS 9 Mallard supplied great service and even threw the line out balls, which were very good.

MHS Flanker Dooley had a great all around game. This is the player who will deliver a huge try when the teams need it. Quick at the ruck and relentless running with the ball.

MHS Prop Pairing of Paterson and Jones(both of whom scored), deserve another mention. Rarely do you see dominant scrumming,  great defence and dangerous running from a prop pairing, and these two had many carriers and didn’t slow down.

Final Score: MHS 41- BMHS 22

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