Just To Put It Out There…Play Off Outlook

High School Girls Rugby

Conditions Below:

1st condition: Lets assume I know how the tie breakers work

2nd condition: We are assuming MHS are the 1st seed.

A three way tie is possible after today. A three way tie would result if MVHS beat RHS and BMHS beat ODC.

If that occurs, the tie breaker looks as follows:

Team Current +/- Result
RHS 11 Win,Tie or Loss by 2 or less RHS In
MVHS -17 Win by 24 MVHS In
BMHS 6 MVHS win by 3-23 BMHS In

The +/- referenced here only accounts for the +/- in games between these three teams.

RHS have beaten BMHS by 11 and BMHS beat MVHS by 17. As a result the BMHS +/- is +6 while RHS is +11 and MVHS is -17.

Should ODC play spoiler and beat BMHS, then the winner of MVHS @ RHS is in!

Today’s Games




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