Codiac Cup & May 24th Full Recap

Boys: HTHS(19)@RHS(26)

RHS needed an 18 point home victory to keep play off hopes alive.

The first score was at the 10 minute mark and was started by a penalty at midfield. Fly Half Bessy kicked for touch and RHS had a line out on the HTHS 15. RHS won the line out clean and started a driving maul for 10 metres. Doucet broke from the maul and tried to run it in from 5 yards out. HTHS was called for an offside and on the ensuing penalty, Spruce U16  Norman ran the ball in from 5 metres breaking a couple of tackles on the way. Convert attempt failed.

At the 20 minute mark RHS were awarded another penalty 15 metres away from where the whistle was blown. Bessy ran to the mark and took advantage of the open space by tapping quickly and breaking a tackle to cross the line. Convert was missed.

3 minutes later RHS was awarded another penalty at the HTHS 40 metre line and Bessy made a beautiful kick 10 metres out from the goal line. Another clean line out and maul led to a patient Doucet with ball in hand at the back of the maul as the forwards drove the ball 10 yards to cross the line where Doucet fell to the ground for the score.

This was a well executed set piece that all the forwards contributed on. It looked like RHS was on the way to a route however this seemed to wake up HTHS and they responded 5 minutes later.

HTHS had control of the ball at midfield and began to drive down the field by continuously running heavy balls. They were rewarded as they sucked in the RHS defence and McIntyre scored from 8 yards out by reaching the undefended edge. Convert was made by Hasul on a beautiful kick close to the sidelines.

Score at half 15-7 for the home team.

RHS WaterAt the 15 minute mark of the second half RHS was awarded yet another penalty deep in HTHS territory. This time it was 8 metres out and it was a case of déjà vu where the tenth grader, Norman, scored his 2nd try of the game, again breaking tackles along the way. The conversion was made this time by Bessey.
HTHS put the pressure back on after disrupting a RHS scrum on the RHS 5 metre line. RHS won the put in but the ball squirted out of the back of the scrum where HTHS flanker Oxner pounced on the ball in the RHS end zone. The convert was made again by Hasul.

At the 25 minute mark of the 2nd half RHS started a back play off a scrum on their own 40 metre line. Bessey dummied a scissor play to centre Hawkes and then popped a pass to the oncoming outside centre Lean who exploded through a gap and scampered 60+ metres straight up the field juking 2 would be tacklers along the way to score for RHS. Convert was missed.cropped-odc3-e1462200048132.jpg
HTHS rounded out the scoring with 2 minutes remaining in the match when Hamer quick tapped on a penalty and sliced through the RHS defence from 15 metres out. Convert was missed. Final Score RHS 27 – HTHS 19. RHS had to beat HTHS by 18 in order to stay in the play-off picture. Even though RHS won the game HTHS was awarded the 2nd place in the NE division and will advance.

Girls: MHS(31)@EMM(5)

MHS finished the regular season with a 31-5 victory yesterday. Tries by Pharuns, Jones and Paterson collected a hat trick.

RHS finish their season tomorrow vs JMH. HTHS and all other play off reps(MVHS for boys) and MHS & RHS on the girls side all have to wait until Friday’s results come in to learn who they play on Sunday.

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