Black Tide Down Trojans

Moncton Black Tide men hosted the Saint John Trojans on a very rainy
Saturday afternoon.  Moncton was looking to avenge their only loss of
the season in Saint John a month ago when they fell 25-24 on a last
second try from the Trojans.

Both teams came out strong and traded penalty kicks in the first 10
minutes to make it 3-3.  The wet weather was causing some handling
errors for both teams and the kicking game was attempted by both
team’s fly halves.  Play was still mostly occuring within the middle
40 meters of the field.  The Trojans took a penalty just inside the
Moncton half at about 15th minute mark and Moncton full back, Francois
Buret, hit a 45 meter kick to put them them up 6-3.

In the 25th minute, Moncton started sustaining pressure in the
Trojan’s end and they were rewarded with a try from their 8man Shane
MacDow from 10 meters out.  Buret missed the conversion, but only by a
few centimeters. The score was now 11-3 Moncton.

The Trojans attempted another penalty kick, but the 35 meter attempt
was pulled left.  The Moncton player in the end zone atttempted to
catch the missed kick but knocked it on and the ball fell directly to
an oncoming Trojan who touched the ball down for a try.  The Trojans
hit their conversion to make the score 11-10, which ended up being the
half time score.

Play continued in the second half and things were looking very even on
the field.  Between minutes 50-55 coach Paul Arsenault made 4 tactical
substitions and the new players brought a lot of energy to the field.
Flyhalf Damian Murphy lead the charge by breaking 4 tackles and
scoring a 30 meter try.  Then he setup speeding winger Simon Dellatre
for a 20 meter try.  Both converts were hit by Buret and Moncton was
up 25-10, which was the final score.

Man of the match for Moncton was Francois Buret who had 10 points
kicking for goal, made a number great kick returns and sealed any
holes that occured in the Moncton defense.

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