Moncton RFC AGM Announces 2013-2014 Executive

rugby-union-generic-desktop-sport-thousands-of-141198The annual Moncton RFC Annual general meeting took place on April 7, 2013. The following club members were voted in:


President: Scott Yvonne

VP Internal: Benjamin Rimbault

VP External: Yves Pellerin

Secretary: Baukje van der Heide

Treasurer: Damian Murphy

Director of Social Acitivities: Mel Hughes

Director of Flag Rugby: Damian Murphy

Director of Youth Activities: Mike Sleigh

Director of Fields and Fixtures: Les Ryder

Coordinator of Media and Websites: Katuscya Gauvin and Pedro Crozier

Coordinator of Parlee Beach 7s: Katuscya Gauvin and Jay Vaughan


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