Trimble Top Riverview 10-0 in High Schools Boys Rugby

From the 5:30 kick off at the four plex through most of the first half, Riverview High School boys team were on the offensive versus Harrison Trimble High School.  Despite wet weather and the wind in their faces Riverview were willing to work it wide early and attack with the outside backs.


RHS attacking wide early.

HTHS defense was up to snuff and calmly made their tackles.  Riverview then mixed it up with some nifty 9-8 play opening up many runs for the Riverview 8 Man.


One of many 9 passing to 8 plays that opened up space for the strong running 8 of Riverview.

Riverview were unable to get any points and late in the half HTHS scrum half Jon Blackier hit a difficult kick to open up the scoring.

Giboi winning the line out for HTHS

Giboi winning the line out for HTHS in first half play.

The first half ended with a 3-0 score for HTHS. One yellow card was issued to the HTHS #13 for repeated high tackles.

The second half saw a change in tone.  Playing into the wind HTHS found their tempo using a lot of crash ball and maintained good field position and ball possession.  Constant pressure from HTHS resulted in the Royals having to clear their lines a number of times.


Trimble put in at the line out on the Riverview 5 metre line.

The crash ball and tight running did pay off for Trimble, not only in reduced handling errors but also in a try from prop, now playing 8, Brody Fall.  Blackier converted bringing the score to 10-0.


Trimble on the attack moment before touching down the games only try.


Trimble again got over the line with ball carrier Goboi but were not able to ground the ball before the whistle.  Riverview played hard through the end of the game and were awarded a penalty kick inside the Trimble half.  Unable to convert on the kick, the game ended in a 10-0 score


Trimble Flanker Guimond tackling the Royals Scrum Half into touch.

It was a game of two halves. Riverview owning the first and Trimble returning the favour in the 2nd.  Great tackling and confident defense was the story for both sides on the day. The Trimble style certainly suited the weather and may have been the difference maker.

Thanks to Head Coaches Trevor Mouland and Jeff Jones, and referee Paul Arsenault.

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*Breaking News* Coach Jones may have been seen releasing air from the rugby ball at the half. A investigation will start in 3 months…

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