AA High School Girls Results

After a disappointing start in Miramichi Tuesday, the Lady Titans(Tantramar) returned home for an exhibition match against Harrison Trimble High School last night. It was the first female game of high school rugby played in the history of the Town and they did not disappoint.

Mackenzie Allen scored the team’s first ever try early in the game and the estimated crowd of over 200 roared to life. A try by Maxi Illingworth was converted by Cassandra Barczyk to put them up to 12-0.

The tighthead prop for the Trojans rumbled in for a try not long after, making the score 12-5.

HTHS are in a rebuilding season and kept their chins up in a display of toughness and resilience. The rest of the game did not go their way, but they did not give up. Olivia Tower and M. Allen scored tries and C. Barczyk converted another to make the score 24-5 at the half.

Second half scoring saw Karissa hicks put in a pair of tries, Katie Hess score one, and Desiree Gould convert 3 tries and score a try of her own from a long ~60m run.

The team is improving with every game and gaining confidence. Tuesdays game at 6pm in Salisbury at J.M. Armstrong will see them play the only other team in the 3 team AA division for the first time.

Match Report below:

Girls’ AA Eastern Division

Thursday, May 14, 2015 6pm

David Jardine Field, Sackville, NB

Exhibition Match

Rose won the coin toss for HTHS, chose to kick.

Des chose the east end of the field.

First Half

Try #8 TRHS (0-5)                              Mackenzie Allen         5 pts. big ~40m

No convert.

Try #18 TRHS (0-10)                          Maxi Illingworth         5 pts.

Convert #13 (0-12)                             Cassandra Barczyk     2 pts.

Try #3 HTHS (5-12)

No convert.

Try #7 Titans (5-17)                            Olivia Tower               5 pts.

Convert #13 (5-19)                             Cassandra Barczyk     4 pts.

Try #8 Titans (5-24)                            Mackenzie Allen         10 pts. second big run ~40m

Second Half

Try #6 Titans (5-29)                            Karissa Hicks              5 pts.

No convert.

Try #6 (5-34)                                       Karissa Hicks              10 pts.

#17 convert (5-36)                              Desiree “Des” Gould  2 pts.

Try #17 Titans (5-41)                          Desiree “Des” Gould  7 pts. a huge ~60m run.

Convert #17 (5-43)                             Des Gould                   9 pts.

Try #13 Titans (5-48)                          Katie Hess                   5 pts.

Convert #17 (5-50)                             Des Gould                   11 pts.

Points Leaders                       Tries   Converts         Points

Des Gould                   1          3                      11

Mackenzie Allen         2          0                      10

Karissa Hicks              2          0                      10

Olivia Tower               1          0                      5

Katie Hess                   1          0                      5

Maxi Illingworth         1          0                      5

Cassandra Barczyk     0          2                      4

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