HTHS Remains Unbeaten!

A huge victory for the Harrison Trimble Boys over MVHS.

Stock Photo from previous match

Stock Photo from previous match

MVHS are always a hard team to play and no doubt brought a tough brand of rugby into Moncton today.  HTHS showed in their recent win over RHS that they are a smash mouth, tight running team and that sort of style would have suited the extreme wet conditions of the field today.

MVHS were no doubt equal to the test and were able to also score two tries of their own. For HTHS Melvin McCartney & Vincent McCallister each scores a try and again the balance of the game favoured HTHS in the form of Jon Blackier being able to convert a kick to make the final 12-10.

This result allows HTHS to remain unbeaten on the Boys side while MHS do so on the Girls side.

Thanks to Coach Jones for the information. Good Luck to you and the squad in your next game.

Night Owls, check back at midnight to see what 9 locals made the Provincial u18 Womans team. A couple are from MHS.  Details on their(MHS) victory coming in the morning.

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