AAA Boys Playoffs Start Today.

Riverview HS Boys travel north to play Miramichi Valley High School at 5:30.  In the previous encounter MVHS came out on top with a 32-5 score.  Since then MVHS has gone 1-1 with a loss to HTHS and RHS have been 2-0 with wins over BMHS and Belleisle.  Wet conditions are expected.  This will mean a lot of tight running and tackling, but also offers much advantage to the stronger kicking teams.


Locally, we have Harrison Trimble High School Hosting Bernice MacNaughton High School.  Kick Off is at 4:15 at the CN4plex.  Again, this game will be played in very wet conditions.

Both RHS and BMHS will have a huge challenge if looking to exchange tight running and heavy hits with their opponents.  The wet weather will ensure more handling errors and often low scoring.  This best way to minimize errors and position yourself for success is to utilize the kicking game.  We are interested to see what percentage of possession in the defensive end will be kicked away in exchange for field position.

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