Support Moncton Rugby This Saturday!!!!!

Belleisle 4This Saturday, October 3rd 2015, will see The Black Tide Men host The Belleisle Rovers with the winner taking home the Thorpe Cup. The last two meetings were split, resulting in both clubs sharing the title of  the Rachael Dawn Duffley / Cole Hanford Ryder Memorial Cup.

This great rugby rivalry will ensure the most highly contested match of the year for either team. Moncton have the home field, but also need to shake off a streak. In the last two years, the road team has won every game.

Kick Off Time is 1pm at École L’Odyssée.

5478-X2There will also be a 50/50 draw with proceeds going to travel cost for Black Tide Women’s Lock Maya Montiel who travels to Ontario next week for the U18 Rugby Canada Camp. Montiel had a stand out season last year as the 8 for her high school, represented New Brunswick on the provincial level and started at Lock for the Black Tide Women in their championship game this summer.  You can also donate here:

Spread the word and get out to the game. Black Tide are looking for lots of loud supporters. Please like and Share to pass on the message.

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