Black Tide Men Win Thorpe Cup, Host Wheaton Cup Saturday

ScottOctober 3rd had Moncton Black Tide Men hosting Belleisle Rovers for the Thorpe Cup in the New Brunswick Rugby Final.    Just like two weeks previous, Black Tide won by a 1 point margin, this time in a 15-14 game.

Black Tide converted a penalty kick in the 79th minute to establish the final lead.

aronA huge wind at their back allowed Moncton to get out to a 7 point lead at half time off of a multiphase try scored by Damian Murphy. Moncton Man of the Match Mike SLeigh converted the try.
The wind calmed in the second half and scoring increased with a  Moncton try by Matt Heaton and 2 tries by Belleisle.   Rover Man of the Match Scott Sherwood opened the scoring for Belleisle with an amazing try.  His aggressive attacking resulted in a 14-12 score in favour of Belleisle. Pressure from Moncton was rewarded in the the 79th minute Moncton were awarded a penalty in front of the Rover goal posts. 8 switch

Sleigh kick was good and Moncton had the 15-14 lead. After the kick-off Belleisle were awarded a scrum, and after some scrambling the game ended on an unplayable ball in the a rover ruck.

Moncton Black Tide Men host the Truro Saints this Saturday, Oct 17th, on the Odyssey fields at 2pm.

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