High School Rugby Season: Recap and On Tap

Last Thursday, April 28th, was the kick off to the 2016 High School Rugby season in our region.


BMHS(27) @ MVHS(10)

First up was the Bernice MacNaughton High School(BMHS) Highlanders Girls travelling into Miramichi to open up their 2016 campaign versus  Miramichi Valley High School(MVHS).

BMHS 2016

BMHS 2016 Girls

MVHS got off to a great start and took a 10-5 lead into halftime. This is an amazing start for the MVHS side and something for them to build on. The second half saw the Highlanders literally get the wind at their backs and overcame the MVHS defence to score 4 second half tries. The final score was 27-10 for the visiting BMHS side. Boyce and Sauter had a try a piece and Lund gathered three tries of her own. Mallard had the only successful kick on the very windy day. Anyone who witnessed the 2014 provincial championship won by BMHS might remember the names Lund and Boyce as 10th grade wingers who scored  a try each in that game. More recently, Lund opened the 2015 season with a 100 metre try versus Moncton High School. Whatever your rugby viewing plans are, make sure you take in a game featuring this group.

RHS(19) @ EMM(15)

In Dieppe we had the defending girls provincial champs, Riverview High School(RHS) visiting École Mathieu-Martin(EMM).  Observers of last season looked at EMM, and similarly MVHS, as teams that were young and developing, with the thought that they were two years away from making an impact. With a lot of hard work put in during the pre-season and good continuity with its core players EMM have made huge jumps since last season.  This set up what was nearly a trap game for the defending champs.

EMM led going into the final few minutes of play at which time RHS was able to put down the game winning try to make the final 19-15. Without picking up the win, EMM have made the announcement that they are a force to be dealt with this season.

For RHS, being the defending champ is a tough task. They will get every teams best performance and are transitioning from star players such as Macphee and Murphy into the stand outs of this season. RHS came away with the outcome they needed and I’d caution anyone thinking they have dropped off, not to under-estimate how much EMM have improved. It will be no easy task for anyone to pick up a win versus RHS.

HTHS @ ODC (exhibition)

The only girls game in Moncton had École L’Odyssée(ODC) hosting Harrison Trimble High School. ODC controlled most of the game with noteworthy efforts by 11th grader Bianca Taillefer who scored 2 tries on long runs.

The gritty effort from HTHS was punctuated by great play down the middle with the 2, 8,9 and 10 all playing with a lot of effort. This team will continue to improve throughout the season and are building a great base for the future. The starting 2 for Trimble was 9th grader Daigle and 10th grader Carter was playing at lock. Both players were all over the field and in the mix of everything.

ODC are perennially one of the toughest teams to play against with their structured forward play and overall experience. having explosive players on the outside might mix up the usually look of this squad. ODC are always in the mix at the end of the season.


MVHS(17) @ HTHS(13)

Miramichi Valley High School travelled into the Moncton and left with the victory over Harrison Trimble High School (HTHS).  MVHS with this 17-13 victory  have announced themselves the team to beat and are eager to build on last season and them some.

HTHS tries were scored by Hammer and Fall with Hasgül kicking through a penalty.


JMH(20) @ BRHS(22)

Belleisle Regional High School(Regional) edge James M. Hill Memorial High School(JMH) 22 -20.

RHS @ ODC(Exhibition)

Riverview High School(RHS) paid a visit to École L’Odyssée(ODC) last friday night. This is the first year for ODC to field a Men’s team and although they were in tough against an experienced program such as RHS, they indeed had a couple of very bright spots, specifically there 8, 9 an 10. Ramade at 9 had a lot of work to do dealing with the attacking nature of RHS while Cselenyi at 10 worked hard to break the defence of RHS.

Bragdon started at 9 for RHS and made the most of the opportunity and played a blinder of a game. Riverview flyhalf Bessey pushed the pace of the game,taking many quick penalties in the first half, which favoured the experienced side. Center combo of Hawkes and Lean looked formidable. Great tackling by the whole forward pack ensured ODC had to work for each yard. RHS got the win.


GIRLS: May 2nd

RHS@MHS(4:35): This is a huge test for both sides. No season will be built or broken in this match, but it will certainly be a good measure of each sides current ability.

HTHS@EMM(5:30): EMM will be the experienced side in this match up. This will be a great opportunity to see future stand out players on full display.

ODC@MVHS: Always tough to get a win in Miramichi. This is the first season game for ODC.

Boys: May 3rd

RHS@MVHS: Big ask of RHS to open their season at MVHS. Will be a great game.

BRHS@HTHS: HTHS looking to bounce back. They should be tough at home. BRHS looking to go to 2-0.










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