High School Girls Summary Recap May 9th

Going into today’s action, Moncton High are the only girls team without a loss and will be looking to keep it that way as they cross town to play against ODC Today at 5pm.

At this early point of the season, MHS and RHS are both in the 2 best positions. RHS having played 3 games will have a lighter schedule than MHS as the season comes to a conclusion. This may help RHS peak at the important time similar to last season. MHS have the immediate priority of winning today’s game. A loss will be a reset for the whole league.

In other action today EMM @ MVHS. EMM looking to pick up the win, while it has been tough for anyone to win in Miramichi this year.

Exhibition action has the JMA spring tournament winners, BMHS, play the runner ups as HTHS continue their developmental play.



Team Wins Losses Tie League Points Points Against Points For Final Rank
BMHS 1 1   3 38 44  
EMM 0 1   0 19 15  
MHS 1 0   3 5 7  
MVHS 1 1   3 47 29  
Odysee 0 1   0 20 19  
RHS 2 1   6 39 52


April 28th

RHS (19)              @           EMM (15)

BMHS (27)          @           MVHS(10)


May 2nd

RHS(5)                 @           MHS(7)

ODC(19)                             @           MVHS(20)


May 5th

RHS (28)             @           BMHS (17)


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