Miramichi Girls Defend Home Field Again!

EMM(7)@MVHS w(15)

The game started with MVHS quickly applying pressure inside the EMM 22. MVHS #13 Ceretti scored on a wide ball in the first 10 minutes to go up 5-0.

MVHS then threatened again shortly after deep in the EMM half but many strong tackles held MVHS out of the try zone only to turn the ball over on a penalty (double movement) at the EMM goal line.

The game seemed to have phase after phase of solid tackling and surprisingly strong handling by both teams on a very windy, cold day. EMM #9 Noel  broke the line after several forward movements from the EMM pack and went for a 40 meter run to tie the game at 5. The convert was good. 7-5 EMM.

MVHS was able to gain territory on the ensuing kickoff and were able to capitalize on a turnover when #12 Janessa Sweezey broke through for 5 points. 10-7 MVHS EMM threatened again before the half with under a minute to go by gaining advantage on a long kick with the strong wind and earned a scrum on the 5 meter line. MVHS was lucky to escape when an EMM player was forced out of bounds. 10-7 MVHS at half.

Half time brought with it a short blast of snow/hale so many players were looking forward to getting back on the field and moving!

The second half was played between the 22’s with both lines stepping up on defence leaving little space for either team and with the wind blowing both teams were more than willing to play a tight physical game. EMM #12 Landry had many strong running lines and was able to gain hard yards going forward with pace.

The game went on with solid defence and tight play for the first 15 minutes of the second half but then play started to open up and both offences seemed to move the ball through the hands and offload in contact with higher frequency. Many one on one tackles were made by both teams preventing strong play being rewarded with points.

After holding off a strong, non stop attack from a hungry EMM team, MVHS was able to clear their end with a long kick. After several phases space opened up for the MVHS #9 Morris and she was able to just cross the line in the corner to put MVHS up 15-7 with 10 minutes to go.

EMM was able to get the ball inside the MVHS 22 shortly following the kickoff but MVHS was able to clear the area with a kick and run out the clock.

Final score MVHS 15 – EMM 7

MVHS play JMH in a spirit game Thursday while EMM host ODC 5:30 Friday.


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