U18 NB Spruce Boys Eastern Canadians Summary

The NB U18 Spruce boys had a successful Eastern Canadians overall, but fell short in the gold medal game on Sunday; losing 14-5 to the NS Keltic. Late Saturday afternoon, the Spruce beat rival Newfoundland Rock 10-5 in the semi final for the right to play NS in the final.

U18 NB 5 Meter Attacking Lineout

U18 NB 5 Meter Attacking Lineout


Earlier in the weekend, the team went 2-1 in the round robin while balancing playing time among the 27 players chosen to attend Eastern Canadians. The team uses Eastern’s to team build and gage the new talent before having to cut down the requisite 25 players for Nationals (August 4-11 Calgary Alberta).

This will be the 4th consecutive year that the team travels to nationals. Last year we had 3 players make the Canada u18 long list with 2 players playing for Canada on their tour of Europe in the fall of 2013. The NB u16 team had 7 players invited to Canada u17 camp last year so the Spruce have high hopes on having a strong Nationals tournament and putting the red maple leaf on a few more Spruce players this fall. Go Spruce!!



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