Riverview and Trimble Boys Advance to Provincial Semi Finals

At the Moncton Sport Plex BMHS played a great game against HTHS.  With a huge wind at their back in the first half HTHS had to score a late try in order to bring a 12-7 lead into half time.


As the second half kicked off the wind maintained.    It was an optimistic outlook for BMHS.  They would have an opportunity to control field position with tactical kicking, but HTHS instead did their best to dominate possession of the ball.

A late converted try by Jon Blackier brought his total to 9, earned him man of the match, and brought the final score of 19-7. Brody Fall and Kyle Furze also scored for HTHS.

HTHS coach Art Moore: “(we are) very impressed with the BMHS coaches & program this year.  Every single game that they played they were highly competitive” Coach Jones added “Both teams brought their lunch pails, hard hats and work boots today!”

Coach Jones is expected to be cited by the NBIAA for over application of a cliché, but all things considered he is still happy with today’s outcome.

Try scorer for BMHS was Brandon Bird and Chris Sarault converted it. Jarod Savoie was the BMHS man of the match. Both coaches are incredibly proud of the team.

Coach Robbie Baxter had this to say; “Our goal this year was to just come out and be as competitive as possible while improving every game, and I think we did that. The great thing about having an inexperienced team is that everyone gets to play and with 9 of our starters returning next year I can’t wait to see what future years will have in store for our program.”

In the other divisional play-off game Miramichi again scores 32 points on Riverview. Fortunately for the visitors they increased there total from 5 in the last encounter to 35!!!.

This is an amazing result (35-32 for RHS).  MVHS have a great program and to beat them in this scenario is quite the accomplishment.  More details will come once they are made available.  With the RHS boys making the provincial semis and the RHS girls looking to do the same tomorrow, it certainly has been a successful year for RHS.

The Northeast Division will host the Provincial Final this year.  Ensure you get out and support these teams in their semi final games.

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